About Conference

Herald Meetings is delighted to welcome all the global participants to attend “2nd Online International Conference on Stem Cell Research and Therapy” which will be held during April 29-30, 2022 carrying the theme “Stem Cells: Current Research, Innovations and Applications” organized through ZOOM MEETINGS as per British Summer Time (BST).

Stem Cell 2022 warmly welcomes the researchers and developers, professionals who are studying or analyzing in the fields of Stem Cell, Tissue Science, Regenerative Medicine, Transplantation, Surgery, Genetics, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Cell Biology, etc., and other associated organizations to participate in the event and grasp knowledge about the recent researches regarding stem cell, tissue science and regenerative medicine and their analysis. This conference will consist of the keynote talks, session talks, oral presentations, poster presentations, B2B networking etc. The aim of this virtual conference is to promote the recent advances in Stem Cell Therapy Research with its applications as well as the cell and gene therapy which stands as the new therapeutic approaches. The conference will also support and motivate the young researches in the fields of Stem Cells and Genetics Research to meet the new advancements.

We sincerely hope that Stem Cell 2022 would serve as an international platform, creating new opportunities in the Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Research.

Why to attend?

Presenting your ideas and work gives you new perspective about work as people may ask questions that make you think about your project differently. Gaining expert knowledge, exchanging views and information and allowing them to discuss tomorrow’s challenges in Stem Cells. This event emphasizes at bringing the advancements in the fields of regenerative Medicine, Stem cells and related fields.

Who should attend?

Academia, public health researchers and practitioners, Stem cell researchers, Biology-practitioners, Immunologists & Microbiologist, pharmacists, psychologists, behavioral researchers, Health care professionals, social scientists, epidemiologists, social workers, students, Researchers, Academicians, Practitioners, Early Career Scholars, students along with Industries and others engaged in endeavors  related to Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell research and business. We also invite industry scientists who are interested in targets for novel therapies. This is an excellent forum for informal networking and meeting potential collaborators.

Market Study of Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine

Europe: The regenerative medicine and stem cells market is expected to reach USD 13.578 billion by 2022 from USD 5.06 billion in 2016 at a CAGR of 21.80% during the period 2016-2022.

Middle East: The regenerative medicines market is expected $ 40.55 billion revenue in 2022 from $ 17.03 billion revenue in 2016.

USA: The regenerative medicine and stem cell market is assuming to reach $38.70 billion by the year 2022 from $ 13.33 billion in 2016 at a CAGR of 23.56%.

Market Growth of Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Research

Global Market of Regenerative Medicines anticipated achieving USD 30,237 million by 2022.Current Research says that, Regenerative Medicine has opened several insights in the field of Health and Medicine and approaches to treat and cure complex degenerative, Neurological and genetic, acquired as well as hereditary disorder and to restore the function of tissues and cells in the damaged and missing organs by other therapies. North America takes the lead in global market in 2015 and expected to remain ascendant during 2015-2022. Stem Cell Therapies are also used to treat cancer and different immunodeficiency and Auto immune syndromes. And now Stem Cells are also stands as a new weapon against Neurodegenerative Diseases, cardiovascular Diseases. Eyesight syndromes, wound healing, spinal cord injury, etc.

The worldwide stem cell and regenerative medicines market is functional with several parameters like product type, application, sources, geography and users. In focused to the product type stem cells market is divided into human embryonic stem cells, adult stem cells, IPsec’s, etc. Whereas, regenerative medicines applied the potential of these stem cells to regenerate, repair and replace tissues or the organ which are affected due to injury, natural aging process, and some diseases.

These novel approaches are able to restore the performance of cells and tissues and applied in broad range of fields starting form Tissue Engineering to cosmetic surgery therefore, now it seeks the central attraction of researchers to focuses on the new technologies like Utilization of Nano-materials in immunomodulation, drug delivery to make the growth in regenerative medicines market and blend it with stem cell culture to open new insights, possibilities which can bring evolution in the field of medicine.


Venue & Hospitality

April 29 - 30, 2022
ONLINE, Webinar